In the north woods, the summers are short and the winters long, so when the sun comes out from behind the clouds, I find myself taking precious moments to pause, turn my face towards the sun and feel its warmth. In those moments, with the sunshine on my cheeks, I feel perfect contentment.

I’m learning that it’s essential in life, as well, to take time to turn my face towards the things I enjoy, towards those sweet moments of contentment and small glimmers of enlightenment that happen every day. Maybe it was a kind word from a stranger, a new opportunity arising, or someone paid for my coffee for no reason at all.

Those moments happen more than we notice. If we focus on them, they can help us be happier in this tumultuous world, to appreciate this glorious journey of life even more. They can define who we become. Those moments when we enjoy the warmth on our cheeks after a long, cloudy week should be cherished, and especially, shared. By sharing them, we can bask in the glow of each other’s sunshine.

Post your good moments here–those worth remembering, worth celebrating, worth sharing.

Or post a picture of yourself smiling into the sun.

Spread the warmth. Brighten the world.


Email: jenlammi@gmail.com

Facebook: Jennifer Lammi

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